Artistry in Furniture


b. 1986, HK.




Cliff Whitehouse, B.A. M.A.
1257 S. Huron Street
Denver, CO  80223

Wood has always been part of humankind's existence, for shelter, for fire, for art.  It has built our monuments and our beds, our houses and our heirlooms; it is that magical material of a thousand colors, patterns and stories.

Raw materials are precious, best used for form and function--to bring pleasure to the senses and to the acts of everyday living.  We want to honor the materials and build a totally custom piece to fit your needs.

We are a wind-powered, reduce, reuse, recycle studio and shop that uses local urban lumber, Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, No Added Urea Formaldehyde plywood and donates items and support to Bicycle Colorado, Tibetan Village Project, Third Way, Courage Classic, KGNU Radio, Divine Feline and local schools.  

We have been making gorgeous, functional furniture since the turn of this century.

Please call or email to visit the shop, to set up an in-home appointment, or to find a gallery currently showcasing our work.